At this site you are able to view a variety of my glass artwork and yes, this is me in the picture next to my work (in our living room). 

דןצש דיםצרםמ םר זםישר עךשדד גקדןעמד

I have always been fascinated by glass - this clear material molded into various shapes is amazing to me.  Combining this with my love for colors is the essence of my creations. 

The pure beauty of the colored glass is the basis for all my artwork in stained glass and fused glass: Wall art, Judaica, Plates, Jewelry, Jewelry boxes, Jewelry pendants,  Picture frames, Lamps and so much more. 

I often say my work is coming from my heart, from my soul, made with so much joy and love - each piece being unique and different.

Hope you will enjoy and please come back to visit again.

With love,



 **** בקרוב  - גם בעברית. תודה על ההבנה ואיתכם הסליחה. סימה שומרון ****