Glass casting - To create those works  I form the desired shape in clay, from which I create the mold. Into the mold I put the glass nuggets and colored frit and put in the kiln for about 4 days.

The Hand - Survival of Faith In this artwork I express the strength of the hand emanating from the wall, holding on to the Star of David, trying to pave the way upward. The fragile, yet strong glass hand, touching the hard metal Star of David is so powerful.
Climbing up - Growth of Faith The strong connection for the Star of David empowers me and strengthens me in my personal growth, in every aspect. When one has a strong belief and faith, coming from within the soul “climbing upward” is a natural result for us as human beings.
My Stairway to Heaven (Sphinx) My way. Through the strong belief growing within me, out of striving to be in the light and grow spiritually, through my inner connection to the symbol of the Star of David, I slowly pave my way up the stairway towards the light, compassion and infinite love.
Spiral of light, the triumph of light over darkness while merging them both – darkness disappears, melts into the overpowering light. From the depths of despair and our challenges in life, we grow and connect with the divine light and everlasting love that surrounds us from above.
Spiral of life The circle of life, since birth, starting with our umbilical cord until we let our faith bring us to the divine connection with God on our way to fulfillment. During our journey through life, at times challenging and uneasy, our goal is to grow within ourselves and not just physically